How to create the perfect environment for people’s thinking to flourish?

The Thinking Environment is a methodology that allows people to create an atmosphere of appreciation and respect in order to generate new ideas, remove thinking blocks, uncover possibilities, make decisions, and achieve ever higher performance.


It was developed by Nancy Kline in more than 30 years of research, with proven efficacy in individual development and in organizations.


Benefits of the methodology

Generation of powerful ideas in a collaborative way

Improved company performance

Greater productivity of meetings and dialogues

More cohesive and integrated teams

Increased commitment to contribute in the company

Greater clarity to solve problems

Goals are set realistically, compellingly

Individual contributors feel heard and included in key decisions directly affecting their job performance

Stress reduction

Practical and immediate applicability

Meetings and conferences

Internal communication

Customer service

Coaching processes

Mediation of conflicts

Project management

Strategic planning


Ana Lúcia Münzner


Thinking Environment Facilitator and Coach, pioneer in Brazil

Ana is co-founder and a consultant at Virtus Desenvolvimento Integral. She graduated as a Civil Engineer in Brazil (UFPR), as a M.Sc. in “Regional Sciences with focus on international development” in Germany (KIT), and worked for the German government in Zambia in urban and regional planning consultancy projects.

In addition to her trainings in Theory U with predecessors from the Presencing Institute (MIT), Ana was certified in the Thinking Environment with Trisha Lord and Nancy Kline, the creator of the method. She is the first certified facilitator to teach this methodology in Brazil.

Steffen Münzner


Thinking Environment Coach and Facilitator

Member of International Coach Federation (ICF).

Steffen uses his in-depth practical knowledge of the Thinking Environment in his work as executive coach and organizational consultant. He gives speeches, lectures and courses on complexity and innovation and trainings for leaders and coaches.

Steffen is an expert in whole-system, integral change and experienced moderator of group processes using a range of cutting-edge methods. He helps professionals and companies develop new skills, processes and systems in order to deal with uncertainties and increasing complexity.

He is the founder and CEO of Virtus Desenvolvimento Integral

Our services

Thinking Environment in Brazil: How to get involved

Meetings facilitated with Thinking Environment

We create an environment that promotes more productive and interesting meetings, increasing the engagement and commitment of the participants.

Time to Think® Sessions

Accredited coaches use the Thinking Environment to facilitate people to better access their own wisdom, both individually and in a group.

In company courses

We train teams how best to work with the Thinking Environment and increase corporate performance. Indicated for leaders, managers and their teams.

Thinking Environment Workshops

Fast courses of 3 to 8 hours that teach and practice the basis of the methodology and its applications in the actual diverse situations of the organizations.

Certified courses

All courses em Thinking Environment are teached by professionals certified by Time to Think Ltd, the company founded by the creator of the methodology, Nancy Kline.

Get closer to the Thinking Environment

Thinking Environment brings a new form of being with others: encouraging and sustaining independent thinking.